Paint Transparent watercolors.  Learn the tools of fine art like color, value, shapes, direction, line and textures.


Knowledge of Design Laws is essential to fine art.  Students who have mastered the tools of fine art will study how the principles apply to design laws.


Structural Design is essential to the foundation of a good painting. Students learn Compositional Design


Students who have completed all courses are eligible to join the workshops.


Class Schedules

Classes are on-going

Class Times

Tuesday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

One class without supplies $30 and with supplies $25

4 week Package of classes without supplies $110 and with supplies $90

8 week Package of classes without supplies $200 and with supplies $160

Max 6 students per class.

Art students who refer a friend that purchases an 8 week package will receive a $25 credit

Art students who refer a friend that purchases an 4 week package will receive a $12 credit.

My Newest Painting

I was invited to Middle East about 6 years ago, I was very nervous. I had so many preconceptions because of what I heard in the news. But upon my arrival to Muscat, Oman I was shocked, I found myself in another world of incredibly beauty. In my mind I felt like I was sitting on a magic carpet viewing an incredible culture. The brilliant warmth of the sun was intoxicating. The city is full of color and shining whiteness that extends to architecture. The houses and buildings look like an illustration of Arabian Nights, balconies and parapets carved into stone filigree, doorways and windows ornately arched.  And the people were beautiful too so I had to paint what I felt.

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New Art Studio


My new studio is open and we no longer paint in my kitchen.  I have set up a dedicated room for 8 students at a time and another room for art equipment.  It has great lighting.  See pictures above.



Hydro+Dynamics 2015 Show

Entered the Minneasota Watercolor Society Show, hydro+dynamics 2015 MNWS SPRING EXHIBITION at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts.  Should hear by Feb. 21 if I got accepted.  Below is the painting I entered.  It is my sister's children posing with soldiers in Hui, Vietnam.  The show opens 3/12 with opening reception (6-8pm; awards at 7) and closes Thu, 4/9.

Martin Luther King Day, Baby Celebration

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day, on Jan. 19, IOCP held a Welcome Baby Celebration.

"Babies, we are told,
are the latest news from heaven." Martin Luther King Jr.

It was a success,  We had over 60 people attend. 

Activities included,

  • Special activities celebrating the babies and children in our community
  • Unveiled my paintings
  • Learn about traditions of welcoming children of a variety of cultures into our world

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Celebrating Diversity

One Mother, One Baby at a Time

As a Watercolor Artist, I find my inspiration in the beauty of people, communities and the uniqueness of what nature offers to us if we take a moment to look for it. I had the unique opportunity to develop a painting for Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners (IOCP) in Plymouth, MN to capture and reflect the incredible beauty of mothers and children. I have painted in watercolors for over 30 years and learned this very technical art form from my artist mentor Kay White who studied under the well-known artist Edgar Whitney.



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